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Looking for software development you can trust? Ukraine and Eastern Europe technology development is the answer. We build phenomenal dev teams to keep your project on track and on budget.
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Meet the A-listware Team

This is our core staff dedicated to leading your Ukraine and Eastern Europe teams. When you need to hire a development team and get web developers for hire, and website coders for hire, their jobs are to find you only the best.

exeptional-teamWe create exceptional dev teams that excel in not only coding, but the English language and culture.

Meet the faces behind your development.

Our Leadership

Liubov Vyshnevska - Co-Founder and CEO

Liubov Vyshnevska

Co-Founder and CEO
Sergii Chyrkov - Co-Founder and CTO

Sergii Chyrkov

Co-Founder and CTO
Platon Korzh - System Architect

Platon Korzh

System Architect
Kateryna Olefirenko - Technical Recruiter

Kateryna Olefirenko

Technical Recruiter
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