Why A-listware

Does your company want to save time and money?
By choosing software development in Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe, your company gets the competitive advantage of hiring highly-qualified dev teams for a fraction of the price.

Why Choose A-listware

A-listware is your strategic IT outsourcing partner. Our mission is clear: to provide exceptional IT outsourcing staffing solutions from here in the Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe, to you.
Fluent English Speakers
The Best IT Outsourcing in Eastern Europe
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Ukraine Technology Development is Second to None
No fees until your offshore software development team is assembled
Save Time and Money with an Offshore Software Company

A-listware solves
your IT staffing problems

The Problem:

Hiring dev teams in your country is extremely expensive

The hiring process in long and exhausting

You waste company resources trying to find the right staff

You may not properly screen your candidates and end up hiring the wrong person

With A-Listware
You Get:

A much more cost-effective team

We find all of the candidates for you

We do the work, so none of your workers have to

We pre-screen every candidate through our rigorous protocols

Contact Us
UK office:
30 Bruton Way, 2nd Floor, London, W13 0BY
UA office:
23a, Kosmichna street, Kharkiv 61000
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A-listware is ready to be your strategic IT outsourcing solution

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