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Your strategic IT outsourcing partner
At A-listware, our mission is clear: to provide exceptional IT outsourcing staffing solutions. We are one of the premiere IT companies in Eastern Europe and we have a team of dedicated programmers ready to get to work. We will interview, hire and manage your remote development squad. A-listware is the only offshore outsourcing company you need.
Your strategic IT outsourcing partner
What makes us different
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Our Vision

A-listware was founded on the principal that outstanding programmers help to create outstanding companies. By hiring an offshore outsourcing company, you can get top tier talent for a fraction of the price.

Your remote team is always reachable and will stay in constant communication. Our programmers are all fluent in English, so they are available to collaborate whenever needed.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get you the results you need from a devops company who knows how to hire and manage a remote team. Save on both cost and time with our IT outsourcing company.

Looking for a seamless integration with an offshore programming company? A-listware is the strategic outsourcing IT partner you need.

Principles & values


We Make It Easy

We take away all of the burden of hiring outsourced staff.

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We Build Teams First

There is no cost to you until your team is completely up and running.

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Fluent English Programmers

All of our software engineers are fluent in both the English language and culture.

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Get Up and Running Fast

In as little as 4 weeks we can have your remote team ready and working.

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A-listware is ready to be your strategic IT outsourcing solution

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